KFD Premium EAA 375g

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Vegan päritolu 10 aminohapet
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KFD Premium EAA is a set of 10 exogenous amino acids - those that the human body is unable to produce on its own. Unlike BCAA, which contains only 3 exogenous amino acids, EAA has scientifically documented potential for real support of anabolic processes 1,2, especially shortly after exercise 3.
Each of the 10 amino acids in the set comes from vegetable raw materials, thanks to which the product can find its place as a supplement to the vegan diet with the necessary amino acids.
The use of EAA can bring positive effects in the form of improving training performance 4.
As EAAs are free amino acids that do not require digestion, their use can benefit people who want to increase the amount of amino acids in the diet, who for various reasons do not want or cannot consume more protein.
The above advantages and refined taste recipes mean that KFD EAA can act as a great workout drink, which can be consumed even during exercise without worrying about stomach problems.

Properly used KFD Premium EAA, can bring real benefits to people who care about:

- faster recovery after exercise,
- enriching the diet with essential amino acids,
- improving training performance,
- a vegan source of the highest quality amino acids.

Instructions: one serving - 11g (2 scoops) should be poured into a container with 300 ml of water or juice and mixed. Use immediately after preparation depending on individual needs, not more often than once a day, e.g. before or after training.
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