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Gavelo MarvelLizzy Compression Leggings Leggings with good compression and 360 degrees stretch for the best effect. Fast drying fabric, that keeps you dry. Works great both for running and the gym.

Sobivus: Toetav, mugav ja levinud vorm, mis sobib igale kehatüübile ja aita toestada taljet.

Materjal: Meie toode on valmistatud 73% Rpet ja 27% Lycra kombinatsioonist. RPET on polüester, mis on valmistatud taaskasutatud PET-pudelitest. Antud polüester kahjustab meie universumit ja loodust kõige vähem. Tänu Lycrale on tootel mõnus venivus. Tänu parimatele materjalidele kogete te parimat ja mugavaimat sobivust. Retuusidel on survetugevus ja 360 kraadine venivusvõime ning UPF 50 + päikesekaitse, mis tagab toote pikaajalise kasutuse.

A comfortable and renowned fit for all kinds of body structures.
MarvelLizzyhas our much appreciated high waist.
Why not be extra neat- and wear them together with the MarvelLizzy sports bra!

MarvelLizzy tights are made with a 73% rPET and a 27% Lycra blend.
The rPET is polyester made out of recycled PET-bottles.
This polyester has the least effect on our natural resources.
The Lycra is in the blend to give the fabric its comfortable stretch. You will experience a perfect fit thanks to one of the best materials on the market. It has a slight compressing power and 360 degree stretch.
SPF 50+ sun protection.

Avoid washing with softener. It clogs the pores and the material loses its breathability. It can also affect the elasticity in the fabric. The compression function can also lose some of its strength. Turn inside out when washing. Do not tumble dry!