KFD Rhodiola rosea 90tbl

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- Parandab mälu, konsentratsiooni ja õppimisvõimet
- Aitab võidelda stressi, mentaalse ja psüühilise väsimusega
- Väsimuse korral
- Regueerib vererõhku
- Stimuleerib närvisüsteemi
- Aitab vähendada kehakaalu (kiirendab rasvkoes talletatud energiavarud metaboliseeruvaks energiaks)
- Unehäirete korral
- madala libiido korral
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Roseroot – boost for body and mind

Despite its beautiful name, roseroot (Rhodiola Rosea), also known as ginseng of the North, is a strong herb which has been used for over a thousand years.

Roseroot was an indispensable source of power to vikings who conquered the seas. It’s been also used by cosmonauts to boost their physical and mental endurance on demanding space journeys. The Russians have researched the health benefits of roseroot ever since 1960´s.

Roseroot is a great help to boost both mental and physical performance.

Roseroot's benefits

Rosavins and salidrosides are the effective compounds which make roseroot such an effective herb. The further north the herb grows, the more effective the compounds.

Roseroot a strong adaptogen, meaning that it balances the body in changing conditions. It replenishes the worn out and calms down the wired. Its effect depends on the situation of each individual.

Roseroot enhances both physical and mental performance making it a great help for students, workers and sportsmen alike.

Experiences about roseroot

Roseroot may help you when you

  • feel tired or fatigue
  • are physically tired and mentally wired
  • sleeping problems
  • when you need to concentrate
  • when your libido is low

Please note that roseroot is not recommended if you are pregnant, have hypertension, arthritis, acute allergic symptoms or hyperthyroidism.

Recommended use: Take one serving (1 tablet) once a day.
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