Wabisabi Seamless leggings ELECTRIC PINK

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Trendy seamless garments that goes in shades of gray, blue or pink, classy and extremely comfortable. The sports bra also have removable padding.  

Anarchy Apparel offers exceptional products for a special clientele.
The seamless material of our Seamless Leggings leaves no pressure points and paired with a high elastic waistband provides a tight fit and incomparable comfort.
These features will make this Anarchy Apparel Leggings your new favorite outfit.
 Whether jogging, yoga, gym, parkour, artistic gymnastics, martial arts, horse riding or many other sports and leisure activities, the use of these leggings are almost unlimited.
Anarchy Apparel leggings are made of 60% NYLON, 33% POLYESTER and 7% SPANDEX.
The material is very easy to clean and therefore also ideal for everyday use. The fabric is very soft and comfortable, it is wrinkle-free and quick-drying.
Combine your leggings with a Sports Bra and / or Tank Top by Anarchy Apparel to complete your outfit.
When washing the leggings turn to the left and at most 40 degrees.
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