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  3. KFD micellar casein DESSERT 700g

    Thick pudding consistency
    For cold preparation
    Up to ~ 80% real protein in dry matter
  4. KFD Classic cloves for women, pink

    Käsineet on suunniteltu suojaamaan kättäsi ja antamaan sinulle vahvan otteen!
  5. KFD PRO gloves for men, black

    KFD Pro Gym hanskojen kämmen on topattu ja kämmenselkä sekä sormien välissä on mesh-materiaalia.
  6. KFD BCAA 400g

    BCAA suhtele 2:1:1
    80 portsjonit
  7. KFD BCAA Instant 350g

    70 portsjonit
    Rikastatud L-tsitruliin malaadiga
  8. KFD Creatine 500g

    100 portsjonit
  9. KFD VitaPak+ 90tbl

    21 ingredients, including 18 at the level of 100% or more of the daily requirement
    Almost all minerals in organic forms (lactates and citrates)
    Vitapak + can be consumed by people with thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto syndrome or Graves-Besadova disease (autoimmune thyroid) - due to, for example, lack of iodine
    It is ideal composition for men, in connection with a large dose of zinc and selenium - respectively 150% and 363% RWS
    It is ideal composition for women who care for themselves - 100% RWS of iron, folic acid and biotin (improving the appearance of the skin, hair and nails).
    Vitapak has a large dose of organic potassium and magnesium to solve the problem with muscle cramps
    Thanks to the high dose of chromium, the product is ideal for people who get an uncontrollable desire for sweet products (containing sugar).
    Valuable information for people suffering from anemia - contains a high content of iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12.
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  10. KFD Omega 3+ 90tbl

    Can fight depression and anxiety
    Can improve eye health
    Can promote brain health during pregnancy and early life
    Can improve risk factors for heart disease
    Can reduce symptoms of ADHD in children
    Can reduce symptoms of metabolic sydrome
    Can fight inflammation
    Can fight autoimmune diseases
    Can improve mental disorders
    Can fight age-related mental decline and Alzheimer's disease
    May help prevent cancer
    Can reduce asthma in children
    Can reduce fat in your liver
    May improve bone and joint health
    Can alleviate menstrual pain
    May improve sleep
    Good for your skin, hair, nails
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  11. KFD Vitamin D+K Plus 200tbl

    D-vitamiin on vajalik
    -normaalseks hammaste ja luude arenguks
    -aitab kaasa kaltsiumi ja fosfori imendumisele
    -vähendab osteoporoosi riski eakatel
    -suurendab füüsilist jõudu
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