KFD Sleep Well 90tbl

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-Aitab parandada unekvaliteeti
-Aitab parandada meeleolu, rahustab
-Aitab taastuda ning stressirohkel ajal magama jääda
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KFD Sleep Well is an innovative, multi-ingredient KFD supplement that improves sleep comfort and supports regeneration with the only recipe on the market for supplements. Composition created for people training strength and endurance sports. Contains sleep hormones, adaptogens and herbs that improve mood and regeneration and helps to fall asleep during periods of increased stress. The supplement contains gaba (gamma-aminobutyric acid) - a popular neurotransmitter that supports our regeneration during sleep, l-tryptophan, which is a precursor of melatonin (sleep hormone), magnolia extracts, goat's liver, and Asian crinkle. Crocuse extract to help reduce the unpleasant effects of stress and overtraining.
1 Portion         3tbl
GABA              750.00 mg
L-Tryptophan     500.00 mg
Valeriana extract     300.00 mg
Centella asiatica extract     200.00 mg
Magnolia extract     200.00 mg
L-theanine        100.00 mg
Melissa extract     100.00 mg
Crocus sativus extract     30.00 mg
        - of which crocin     0.90 mg

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