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KFD Pure WPC 82 Instant - 700 g

KFD Pure WPC 82 Instant - 700 g

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Tavaramerkki: KFD Nutrition
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KFD Pure Lactose Free WPC 80 Instant is a limited version of whey protein with very high protein content (about 80% in dry matter) in 100% natural version (without additives like sweeteners, aromas, thickeners), in addition NO LAKTOZY (below the limit of quantification) that has been hydrolyzed to glucose and galactose (seen in the detailed study of the current batch). Thanks to this, the product is a great choice for people intolerant of milk sugar.
KFD Pure LF WPC 80 is a product created for people who:

- they are looking for a lactose-free alternative, for standard protein supplements,
- they pay attention to the very good solubility of the raw material,
- they themselves compose the flavors of their sheiks and protein desserts,
- they like the neutral taste of whey protein concentrate,
- they will appreciate the competitive price while maintaining the highest quality.
What is the difference between Premium WPC 80 and Regular WPC 80 and this product?
- the raw material does not contain lactose, which is hydrolysed to glucose and galactose, and this causes it to have quite a specific taste,
- it is a completely natural version - without expensive additives like natural aromas etc. and so is characterized by the natural taste of whey protein (not everyone likes this specific taste),
- as it is natural, it does not require a tedious process of mixing many components (as in both above),
- it is a limited version - it will appear if we are able to negotiate a good price for the raw material and its quality will meet our strict requirements.Usage One portion -30 g (about 1 and 1/2 scoops) should be poured into a dish with 200 ml of milk or water and mix. Use according to individual needs, no more than three times a day, immediately after preparation

In one portion (30g):
Energy 124kcal,
2.4g fat,
of which saturated 1.5g,
24g protein,
salt 18g.

weight 0.7

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