KFD Premium TCM 500g

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Increase in total body weight
Improves muscular mass
More endurance to your muscles
Faster recovery from injuries
Better brain functioning
Improved cardiovascular health
Improves stamina and thereby athletic performance.
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Premium TCM is 100% pure creatine malate - high, pharmaceutical quality, in the flavor version. It is a product made up of three molecules of creatine monohydrate, associated with malic acid, which plays an auxiliary role in the transport of creatine to muscle.

The basic function of the creatine itself is the production of energy, which is used by the body, among others for rebuilding energy stores of the body. It contributes to muscle regeneration (creatine also has anti-catabolic effect) and helps to exercise longer but equally effectively. It is considered an effective, legal anabolic agent due to the effective increase in strength and lean body mass in a relatively short time. Malic acid is an auxiliary and buffering substance.

Anyone who has been into body building or athletes knows how costly injuries can be. They can keep you away from the gym for months together, preventing you from doing any workouts and in the process disrupting your entire professional season. Therefore, when they are presented with an option that would allow them to get back into action as soon as possible, they welcome it with open hands. This is exactly what has happened in the case of Tri Creatine Malate supplements.

It is especially recommended to those who:

- want to help increase strength and strength

- strive to gain pure muscle mass.

If you thought the benefits of Tri Creatine Malate ended there, you couldn’t be more wrong! It increases muscle torque, ensures appropriate levels of testosterone, and enhances metabolism. Higher metabolism means more carbohydrate is burned and hence, more energy is released.

Due to these excellent properties, Tri Creatine Malate has become one of the most preferred supplements by athletes and body builders alike.


INGREDIENTS Content in 1 serving (5 g)
Creatine malate 4999 mg

Due to the structure of the particles - the connection with malic acid - the product is characterized by a high level of acidity. If the amount of fluid proposed in the "use" tab is too small, you can increase it. The product due to the structure of the particle (combination of malic acid and creatine, not water and creatine (as in creatine monohydrate) may very poorly dissolve in water.A similar phenomenon can be seen when trying to mix with cold water citric acid. If this natural feature of the raw material is an obstacle, you can use hot water to mix it.The raw material used for the production of KFD Premium TCM is one of the best in the world.

- TCM exhibits hygroscopic properties (it is susceptible to moisture absorption). Creation of so-called lumps does not mean the loss of product properties. However, we recommend sealing the packaging after each use to minimize the ingress of moisture.


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