GAVELO MarvelLizzy Sports Bra

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The right sports bra is essential when You work exercise. A sports bra should provide optimal support, while sitting comfortably and allow freedom of movement. But it's not just for form's sake you should invest in a good sports bra. The bust is made up of ligaments, which means that they can be stretched, and when a ligament has been stretched, they can never regain its original shape. This is an important reason to use a good sports bra, regardless of your bust size.  If You don’t keep your bust in place with a good sports bra during exercise, you can also get a sore back, neck and shoulders.

The size is normal. 

XS (70) = 32
S (75) = 34
M (80) = 36
L (85) = 38 
XL (90) = 40

GAVELO MarvelLizzy Sports Bra Medium support. The racerback design allows full range of motion. This Sports Bra is made with a 73% rPET and a 27% Lycra blend.
The rPET is polyester made out of recycled PET-bottles. The Lycra is in the blend to give the fabric its comfortable stretch. SPF 50+ sun protection. A nice and soft lining, that makes for good breathability. Quick-drying fabric. Regular fit.