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KFD Power Band 3pcs

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Resistance bands are a popular training tool that can be used at every stage of advancement, in training aimed at building strength, hypertrophy, generating power, as well as in rehabilitation and activation exercises, as well as in improving mobility. In addition, they can be a great tool for improving mobility.
Made of durable latex and easy to transport, they will be useful both at home and taken to the gym.

Maximum resistance:

1.3 cm wide rubber - 4.5 to 15.9 kg
Rubber, 2.1 cm wide - 9.1 to 27.3 kg
3.2 cm wide rubber - 15.9 - 38.6 kg

KFD Power Band is a cheap and convenient set of 3 rubbers that can be used as a stand-alone tool for training at home, or as an addition to free weights.
A characteristic feature of rubbers is variable resistance. The more the rubber is stretched, the more resistance it offers, which can be used in many different ways. Another advantage is the ability to mount rubbers in different planes, adjusting the force vector to your needs.

KFD Power Band can be used, inter alia, for:

- Power generation training (so-called speed workout, dynamic effort),
- strengthening weak phases of movement (e.g. the very end of the bench press movement, lying where the triceps is most active),
- muscle activation and warm-up exercises (e.g. all types of rotations of the shoulder girdle),
- consolidation of correct movement patterns
- changing the curve and the force vector in an exercise as a new stimulus for the trained muscles.
- improved mobility with active stretching,
- Work on stabilization

Note: In order to protect the rubbers against cuts or abrasion, we suggest that you do not attach or mount the rubbers on any sharp and angular surfaces.