2x FA Prime valgubatoon 60g

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1x Caramel
1x Chocolate Brownie
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    Delicious protein bar
    Only 0.8 g of sugars
    High content of complete protein

Prime Protein Bar® The latest Premium Low Sugar bar with the highest quality, scientifically designed to meet the requirements of the hardest training athletes who pay attention to their macro intake.  Each 60 g bar provides approximately 20 g of protein and only 6.8 g of fat and 0.8 g of sugars. In order to achieve the amazing taste of Prime Protein Bar®. Other than the naturally occurring sugars (0.8 g) some sweetening agents have been added that allowed us to lower the caloric content, the (energy) value of the product.

Perform at your best! Choose PRIME.

Serving size: Bar (60 g)
Servings per display-box: 12
Nutrition declaration     100 g     60 g

1390 kJ / 334 kcal1
1382 kJ / 332 kcal2     

835 kJ / 200 kcal1
831 kJ / 199 kcal2
Fat     11,3 g1, 11,4 g2     6,8 g1, 6,9 g2
of which saturates     6,7 g     4,0 g
Carbohydrate     23,9 g1, 23,4 g2     14,3 g1, 14,0 g2
of which sugars     1,4 g1, 1,3 g2     0,8 g
of which polyols     20,5 g1, 19,9 g2     12,3 g1, 12,02
Fibre     19,8 g1, 20,2 g2     11,9 g1, 12,1 g2
Protein     32,4 g1, 31,8 g2     19,5 g1, 19,1 g2
Salt     0,6 g1, 0,62 g2     0,36 g1, 0,37 g2

Available tastes: Caramel1, Chocolate Brownie2

Ingredients: Chocolate with sweetener 16,7% [cocoa mass, sweetener (maltitol), cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin), vanilla], caramel flavoured layer 16,7% [bulking agent (polydextrose), palm fat, sweetener (xylitol), skimmed-milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), salt], milk proteins, humectant (glycerol), gelatine hydrolysate, bulking agent (polydextrose), soy protein, oligofructose, soy crisps (soy protein, tapioca starch, salt), cocoa butter, cream powder (from milk), fat-reduced cocoa, flavourings, emulsifier (soy lecithin).

Recommended use: Consume before and after workout, or as a snack.

Warnings: With sweeteners. With no added sugars. Contains naturally occurring sugars. May contains cereals (gluten) and nuts. Manufactured in the plant which processes products containing eggs, peanuts and sesame seeds. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Net weight: 60 g