KFD Vegan Protein 80 - 700 g

Артикул: 965
Бренд: KFD Nutrition
Единица: tk

Vähemalt 81% valku kuivaines!

KFD Vegan Protein is:

  • 100% vegetable protein, 
  • at least 81% protein in the dry matter, 
  • soy protein isolate, rice protein isolate and hemp protein,
  • refined flavors to choose from,
  • very low content of sugars and fats,
  • an excellent alternative to lactose-free protein.

Note: KFD Vegan Protein is a high protein product and contains more than 81% protein by dry weight with a marginal proportion of fat and sugars, so it will never taste like sugar and fat rich sweets, so be aware of this when purchasing.


Nett weight: 700 g

Servings amount: 23

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