Intenson Yerba Mate tea with Lemongrass 150g

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Yerba mate tee on traditsiooniline jook, millega võib asendada kohvi.
Yerba Mate - Refreshment with Lemongrass 150g

Yerba mate is a traditional South American drink that can replace coffee. Lemon grass is an aromatic spice with a refreshing taste and aroma. Combined, they give a stimulating golden-green infusion softened with a lemon note.

How to use: The traditional way to prepare is to drink yerba mate with bombilla (drinking pipe) and a special vessel (matero). Prepare water with a temperature of approx. 75°C - you can do so by using a kitchen thermometer. You can sweeten it with sugar, honey or concentrated juice. Pour dried yerba mate from ⅓ to ¾ of the volume of the vessel. For beginners we recommend pour a smaller amount of yerba mate to obtain a gentler flavour. Put a bombilla to yerba mate and pour the prepared water
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