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Box of BAREBELLS Creamy Crisp protein bar 12x55g

Box of BAREBELLS Creamy Crisp protein bar 12x55g

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40,35 €/Kg

Артикул: 1044
Единица: kmpl
Кол-во:   kmpl В корзину

Uus pakend (Holiday Puffs eelenvalt)

Creamy, soft and gooey but with a kick of crunch from the puffs, upon the first bite you’d think this is a regular chocolate bar. This protein bar is a game changer and one that is out of this world. A silky caramel sauce and a white fluffy protein goodness fills the inside, then wrapped in velvety milk chocolate and topped with crispy puffs. All this goodness still contains 20 grams of protein and no added sugar. Unwrap a whole new galaxy of deliciousness.

CRUNCHY FUDGE                          
KOOSTISOSAD: piimavalk, magusaine (maltitool, sukraloos), niisutaja (glütseriin), kollageenpeptiidid, kiudained (polüdekstroos), kakaovõi, kakaomass, sojakrõbinad (sojavalk, tapiokitärklis, sool), piimapulber, vesi, päevalilleõli, maitse, sool, emulgaator (sojaletsitiin).
Võib sisaldada gluteeni, mune, maapähkleid ja pähkleid.
Toiteväärtus  100 g ( 55 g)
Energia 1507 kJ (829 kJ) / 361 kcal (198 kcal)
Rasv 14 g (7,7 g), millest küllastunud rasvhapped 7 g (3,9 g)
Süsivesikud 29 g (16 g), millest suhkrud 2 g (1,1 g)
Kiudained 7,4 g (4,1 g)
Valk 36 g (20 g)
Sool 0,53 g (0,29 g)

Barebells Protein Bar Holiday Puffs 12x55g
Who of you already loves the delicious Barebells Protein Bar? Then you are not alone, because the barebells have long been among the top sellers on the market.
Here with us you get very special types of barebells that you may not have seen before. Because we imported this variety especially for you.
For all protein bar fans among you, these are exactly the right snack for in between.
No matter whether after training, as a small snack or as a reward, you won’t go wrong with this.
The Holiday Puffs gives you:

  • 20g protein
  • only 198 kcal
  • only 1.1g of sugar
  • 100% taste

weight 0.8

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