Intenson Goji Berries 150g

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Kuivatatud Goji marjad on suurepärased lisandiks
küpsistele ja teraviljapudrudele ja müslitele.
Sisaldavad väga palju antioksüdante, mis neutraliseerivad vabu radikaale –
meie rakkude kahjustajaid ning peamisi vananemismärkide põhjustajaid.
noorendavad organismi
pikendavad eluiga
aitavad kaalu langetada
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Goji berries are a tasty snack from China. They can be an addition to drinks and various meals, such as soups, rice or vegetable dishes. Dried fruits are a wonderful addition to cereal cakes and bars and muesli.

How to use: directly or as an addition to dishes. It is recommended not to exceed about 10 000 tonnes. 70 pieces per day for an adult, for children under 10 years of age approx. 10 years old. 35 pieces per day.

Nutritional value per 100 g of the product

Energy value / Energy

1460 kJ / 349 kcal

Fat, of which: / Fat, of which:

- saturated fatty acids / saturates


0 g

Carbohydrates, including: / Carbohydrate, of which:

- sugars / sugars

77 g

46 g

Fiber / Fibre

13 g

Protein / Protein

14 g (28%*)

Salt / Salt

0.7 g

Vitamin C / Vitamin C

48 mg (60%*)

Calcium / Calcium

190 mg (23%*)

Iron / Iron

6.8 mg (49%*)

* Reference intake of an average adults (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)

Components: 100% dried goji berries

It is best to eat before: Batch number / Date of suitability / Country of origin can be found on the package.

Store in a sealed package. Protect from sunlight.

Net weight 150g

weight 0.15