Skinny Sauce 425ml SWEET AND SOUR

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A Healthier Sweet and Sour Sauce 
Finally, you can now enjoy Virtually Zero® Calorie* Sweet & Sour Sauce however you desire! Ideal for ensuring your Chinese fakeaways stays delicious, with a healthier twist! Whatever you decide we think you will now love this amazingly flavoured sauce as it's gluten-free, fat-free, free from dairy, vegan-friendly, and can be enjoyed every day.
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce
Our Virtually Zero® Calorie* Sweet & Sour Sauce is a cupboard staple. A popular choice from the takeaway can now be enjoyed with your homemade meals - perfect for stir-fries, chicken and vegetables. It works great as a dip for chicken nuggets and wings, or even a sweet and sour style pork burger. This sauce can make your fakeaway evenings so easy, even the kids could help! 

In typical Skinny Food Co fashion, all of the sugar-free syrups are great if you're looking to reduce calories or sugar intake. 

Keto & Paleo Friendly ✓
Gluten-Free & Coeliac Friendly ✓
Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly ✓
Fat-Free ✓
Dairy Free & Lactose Friendly ✓
No Added Sugar ✓
As seen on Slimming World, WW, My Fitness Pal App ✓

Available in lots of yummy saucy flavours such as; Sweet Chilli, South West, Chip Shop Curry and many more.

water, tomato paste, spirit vinegar 10%, celery extract, onion extract, salt, thickeners: citrus fiber, xanthan gum, flavors, sweetener: sucralose, ground sweet paprika, preservative: potassium sorbate, black carrot extract, acidity regulator: citric acid. Sodium benzoate

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 3 - 4 weeks.

Nutrition Information 100ml/ 10ml: 
Energy 99 kJ/ 23 kJ, energy 10kcal / 2kcal; fat 0g/ 0g, of which saturates 0g / 0g; carbohydrates 5,3g / 0,5g, of which sugars 1,2g / 0,1g, protein 0,6g / 0g, salt 0,64g / 0,06g.
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