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QNT Dessert Protein 480g

QNT Dessert Protein 480g

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High protein content
Low in sugar
Weight control

With Dessert Protein, you can eat delicious desserts and enjoy the many benefits from the protein content. Available in white chocolate flavour, it has been formulated for beginners and experienced athletes as well as all active people. Dessert Protein can be eaten any time of the day and will fit perfectly into any healthy and balanced diet to achieve your goals. Low in sugar and containing 53% of protein, you can nourish your body with protein while taking pleasure in what you eat.
Wait no longer to experiment with this protein where you can prepare tasty puddings and other desserts while supplying your body with the needed protein. Dessert Protein will play an active part in helping you reach your goals, no matter what they are. Whether it's weight loss or a higher protein intake, it will help you improve your performance while maintaining muscle tone. Its protein intake will allow you to take your fitness and training to the next level while you revel in the pleasure of eating a delicious dessert.

Because of its high protein content, Dessert Protein will help you attain your goals. In fact, protein is a true fuel for the muscles. Each dose of Dessert Protein contains 53% of protein which makes it simple and easy to make protein rich desserts at home. Partaking this will help you gain and tone your muscles by allowing optimal recovery.
Preparing desserts with this protein will help you fill up with proteins that will directly nourish your muscles. Moreover, it will maintain the lean mass at the expense of the fat mass and thus promote weight loss by permitting better weight control. By helping improve your sporting performance by allowing you to consume delicious desserts with the perfect nutritional content, Protein Pudding will quickly become a favourite alley to your performance and well-being, whether you are an athlete or not.

Allow yourself a moment of pleasure and relaxation by preparing delicious protein desserts that will guarantee you a high quality nutritional intake. Make your own high-protein desserts far away from the prepared industrial ones filled with fats and sugars. Dessert Protein lets you eat a dessert containing 53% of protein with less than 1g of fat per dose. This protein is therefore great to compensate you for your efforts made during your workout sessions or to sustain you throughout your most busy days. The protein intake will be an added bonus in the maintenance and development of your muscles.
Low in sugar and calories, Dessert Protein will quickly become one of your favourite allies by letting you prepare delicious desserts that will help provide your muscles with an ideal supply of protein. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this protein can be eaten at any time of the day without feeling guilty. With this protein-rich dessert, you will be able to enjoy desserts with a smooth and light flavour, while being in harmony with your body and your well-being.

Making delicious protein desserts at home couldn't be easier. Simply mix 3 scoops (40g) of Dessert Protein with 200 ml of milk (cow or vegetable) or water in your shaker. Once vigorously mixed, you can eat it right away or put them in the fridge to enjoy these tasty white chocolate flavoured puddings. Quick and easy to use, this protein will allow you to prepare puddings and other healthy, protein-rich desserts. For some ideas, come take a look at our recipes and discover many quick and easy ways to make breakfast, lunch or snacks for an ideal protein intake. Make yourself happy and enjoy these delicious white chocolate flavour desserts.
You too can make delicious desserts in no time at all. Preparing delicious puddings has never been easier or quicker. Wait no longer, enjoy these delicious puddings with the ideal protein content.

Milk protein concentrate, modified starch: E1442, fat powder (soybean oil, glucose syrup, milk proteins, antioxidants: E306/E392, stabilizer: E451, anti-caking agent: E551), flavour, dextrose, fructose, sodium chloride, thickeners: E466/E415, sweeteners: E955/E950. Contains milk, soya.
/ 40 g    / 100 g
Energy    671 kJ/ 161 kcal    1678 kJ / 401 kcal
Fat    3,60 g    8,99 g
- Saturates    0,80 g    1,99 g
Carbohydrates    10,82 g/td>    27,04 g
- Sugars    2,34 g    5,84 g
Proteins    21,18 g    52,94 g/td>
Salt    0,12 g    0,29 g

weight 0.5

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