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Peak Vegan Protein Isolate 750g

Peak Vegan Protein Isolate 750g

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- Aeglasti imenduv vegan valguisolaat
- GMO vaba
- Aspartaami vaba
- Magustatud naturaalse steviaga
- Gluteenivaba
- Täielik aminohapete profiil (39% EEA ja 21% BCAA)

High-quality vegetable multi-component protein - 100% natural

  • 80%* high quality protein (in natural version)
  • High EAA & BCAA content
  • 100% vegan
  • Natural sweetness by Stevia (not with taste Natural)
  • Excellent solubility
The new Vegan Protein!

Vegan Protein is the vegetable alternative for the administration of high-quality protein from Peak Performance Products. Two of the most effective vegetable protein sources have been combined in the matrix: rice protein isolate and pea protein isolate. The combination enables a significant increase in biological value as a sign of the quality of a dietary protein compared to administration as a single protein. The product completely avoids the use of animal ingredients and is therefore suitable for all types of vegetarian/vegan lifestyles. Those affected by intolerances to animal foods such as dairy products or eggs will also find Vegan Protein an excellent alternative to cover their daily protein requirements. The addition of artificial sweeteners has also been avoided. Vegan Protein gets its light sweetness from the use of the natural sweetener Stevia. In general, it is known that the absorption of protein promotes muscle build-up in the build-up phase, muscle maintenance in the reduction phase and is also involved in the maintenance of normal bones.

The solution for vegetarians and vegans!

Those who commit themselves to the lifestyle of vegetarianism or even veganism see themselves in the obligation to look for herbal alternatives to cover the daily protein requirement. Which was regarded in former times as large problem of such a way of life, is considered today as quite solvable task. The solution from Peak Performance Products is called Vegan Protein. The composition of pea protein isolate and rice protein isolate, especially in combination, enables a supply of amino acids that is even superior to some animal protein sources. This is due to the matrix of essential amino acids resulting from the combination, which is very similar to that of the body's own protein. Thanks to the low content of carbohydrates and fatty acids, vegan protein is suitable for all diets and all sporting objectives.

This is how Vegan Protein works:

With the exception of soy protein, vegetable protein sources enjoy the dubious fame of a poor protein quality compared to animal protein sources, which is defined by its biological value. The biological value indicates how much protein ingested through the food can be converted into the body's own protein. The solution that Vegan Protein takes advantage of comprises a clever combination of several protein carriers (here pea protein isolate and rice protein isolate) that complement each other and thus guarantee a matrix of essential amino acids that comes very close to that of the human structure. A product such as Vegan Protein, thanks to the extraction process, also makes it possible to absorb protein without simultaneously consuming large amounts of calories from carbohydrates or fatty acids. This makes it a real alternative for all types of diets and sports objectives. Vegan Protein is the perfect product for people who have problems with animal protein carriers due to intolerances - 100% vegan and free of artificial sweeteners!

Training goal:    Diet, Endurance, Muscle building, Strength building
Product type:    Pre-Workout, Post-Workout
Product properties:    Aspartame-Free, Gluten-free, GMO FREE, Lactose-free, Vegan
Time to take:    After the training, At midday, Before the training, In the evenings, in the morning

Chocolate flavor:
Rice protein isolate 46.6%, pea protein isolate 46.6%, cocoa powder heavily oiled 5%, flavor, thickener (xanthan), sweetener (steviol glycosides).

Nutritional values Chocolate / 100g RI * / portion ** RI *
Energy 1675 kJ 20% 503 kJ 6%
  383 kcal 19% 115 kcal 6%
Fat 6.2 g 9% 1.9 g 3%
of which saturated fatty acids 2.2 g 11% 0.7 g 4%
Carbohydrates 5.8 g 2% 1.7 g 1%
of which sugar 0.5 g 1% 0.2 g 0%
Protein 76 g 152% 22 g 46%
Salt 1.3 g 22% 0.39 g 7%

Flavor Cinnamon Roll:
Rice protein isolate 47.2%, pea protein isolate 47.2%, cinnamon, flavor, salt, thickener (xanthan), sweetener (steviol glycosides).

Nutritional values
Cinnamon Roll
/ 100g RI * / portion ** RI *
Energy 1660 kJ 20% 498 kJ 6%
  382 kcal 19% 115 kcal 6%
Fat 5.9 g 8% 1.8 g 3%
of which saturated fatty acids 2.0 g 10% 0.6 g 3%
Carbohydrates 6.0 g 2% 1.8 g 1%
of which sugar 0.5 g 1% 0.2 g 0%
Protein 76 g 152% 23 g 46%
Salt 2.1 g 35% 0.63 g 11%

Consumption recommendation Consume a daily portion consisting of 30 g vegan protein (2 level measuring spoons) mixed with 300 ml water. Preparation in a shaker or blender is recommended. For optimal results, the morning, after waking up and before and after training are particularly effective.
Sales description Powder concentrate for the production of a flavored protein drink for athletes with sweeteners (not with Natural flavor).
Special notes A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.
Packaging unit (s) bag - 750g
Best before 2 years - use within 3 months after opening. Please closed, dry, protected from light and store at normal room temperature.
Note May contain traces of milk, soy, gluten and egg.

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