KFD XXL TIKKA MASALA 900g (21.08.23)

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India pärane kaste. Ühes portsjonis 2 kalorit!
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If you like Indian cuisine, our low-calorie XXL sauce with Tikka Masala flavor will be a great solution not only during weight loss. 100 g of the product is only 32 kcal and only 0.5 g of fat.

The addition of natural spices such as ginger, chilli, garlic and coriander make the sauce aromatic and expressive.
Thanks to our proprietary recipe, the sauce has a thick, velvety consistency, and the sizeable 900 g bottle means that the delicious sauce will not run out so quickly;)

KFD Premium Sauce XXL - Tikka masala sauce:

- aromatic, thick sauce,
- up to 900 g of the product at a good price,
- only 36 kcal in 100 g,
- original recipe.


We decided to give up controversial thickeners that can cause intestinal problems (like CMC - Carboxymethylcellulose) and at the cost of a few kcal (not sugar but complex carbohydrates (the best type)) per serving, replace natural ingredients.

Storage conditions: temperature: +2 to + 8 ° C
Note: We send sauces with shelf life from 2 to several weeks. It is worth taking this into account when planning
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