KFD XXL CHEESE Spread 800ml

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JUUSTU maitseline kalorivaene kaste
160 portsjonit
We have for you a unique, low-calorie sauce, flavored cheese. 800 g of extremely aromatic and thick sauce, contains only 98 kcal per 100 g. Compared to traditional sauces of this type, it contains only 7% fat, and the natural dye used in it is: beta-carotene.

It is great for hot and cold dishes, it can even turn a cooked chicken breast into a tasty meal. It also goes very well with vegetables.


- aromatic, thick sauce,
- up to 800 g of product at a good price,
- only 98 kcal in 100 g,
- author's recipe.

NOTES about the product:

We decided to give up the controversial thickeners that can cause intestinal problems (like CMC - carboxymethyl cellulose) and at the expense of a few kcal (not from sugar but complex carbohydrates (best type)) per serving, introduce natural ingredients in their place.

Storage conditions: temperature: +2 to + 8 ° C
Note: The expiry date is from a few to several weeks.

Content 1 portsjon (5 g) / 100 g
Energy value 4,9 kcal        / 98 kcal
Fat           0,35 g               / 7 g 
-of which satured fatty acids 0,02 g / 0,5 g
Carbohydrates    0,36 g            / 7,2 g
- of which sugars 0 g      / 0g
Protein          0,08 g               /  1,5 g
Salt            0,12 g               / 2,5 g

weight 0.8