KFD Vitamin D3 - 8000iu (200tbl)

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D3-vitamiin on vajalik
-normaalseks hammaste ja luude arenguks
-aitab kaasa kaltsiumi ja fosfori imendumisele
-vähendab osteoporoosi riski eakatel
-suurendab füüsilist jõudu
12,50 € 250,00 €/Kg

KFD Vitamin D3 8000 IU is a product developed for customers who care about constant vitamin D3 supplementation and value economic aspects.

One package contains 800 daily servings of the product (4 servings in one tablet).Vitamin D3, i.e. cholecalciferol, has important functions in the human body, moreover, it is synthesized only when exposed to the sun's rays, it is very difficult to provide it in the diet, so supplementation may turn out to be very useful.

Vitamin D helps in:

- proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus

- maintaining the proper level of calcium in the blood

- maintaining healthy bones

- proper functioning of the muscles

- maintaining healthy teeth- proper functioning of the immune systemIn addition, vitamin D is involved in the process of cell division.

Tablets amount: 200

Daily servings: 800

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