KFD Strong Coffee - 200 g (instant coffe enriched by caffeine)

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Brand: KFD Nutrition
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Ühes portsjonis 200mg kofeiini.
60 portsjonit.
4 erinevat maitset!

New, original coffee flavor recipes give a unique character, without masking the natural taste of coffee. Contrary to some similar products, Strong Coffee is characterized by a distinctive taste and coffee bitterness - it is not an excessively mild, bland "coffee-like" product. One serving provides as much as 200 mg of caffeine, which means that the product can be successfully used before training. Each package deliveres 60 portions strong coffees. The product can also be an ingredient of shakes and cocktails.

KFD Strong Coffee is:

  • natural instant coffee enhanced with caffeine,
  • 200 mg of caffeine per serving,
  • 60 servings in the package,
  • original KFD flavor recipes,
  • strong taste.

Product Notes: 

The package contains a measuring cup, but in order to precisely measure each portion of 3.3 g, we suggest using a scale. 

Do not use the enclosed measuring cup to mix a hot drink. 

The product contains caffeine - 200 mg in a daily dose and should not be consumed by children, pregnant or lactating women.


Nett weight: 200 g

Servings amount: 60

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