KFD Rafaello cream 500g

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Kookose maitseline kreem krõmpsuvate riisipallikestega
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KFD Delicates - Rafałkowy cream with crisps is a delicious coconut-milk dessert with a velvety texture, complemented by light and crunchy rice balls. The product was created, among others made of natural coconut paste and unhardened vegetable fats, and the main sweetener is maltitol, which allows you to reduce the proportion of sugar in the composition to a minimum. Rafałkowy cream, unlike many store counterparts, does not contain Trans fats. The recipe has been developed to provide the highest quality product with the best taste and consistency.

KFD Delicates - Rafałowy cream with crisps is not only a delicious snack, but also a great addition to sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes and other desserts. The package contains as much as 500 g of this delicious cream.


KFD Delicates - Rafałowy cream with crisps is:

- Delicious coconut-milk cream,

- with natural coconut paste,

- no added trans fats,

- with light and delicate rice crisps.

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