KFD Delicates Hazelnut & Milky cream 500g

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Brand: KFD Nutrition
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Sarapuupähkli ja piima kreem krõmpsuvate tükkidega
KFD Delicates - Kinder cream with crisps is a delicious, velvety, milky-nut cream with the addition of delicate and crunchy rice balls.
This dessert is made from a natural paste made of ground hazelnuts and unhardened vegetable fats, so you can be sure that Delicates does not contain trans fatty acids. The proportion of sugars in the composition has been limited as much as possible, and the entire recipe has been developed to provide the highest quality product with the best taste and consistency.
Our Kinder Cream can be cut with a spoon, used as an ingredient of your favorite dessert, spread on bread, pancakes, omelettes, and also used as an addition to porridge. The package contains as much as 500 g of this delicious cream.

KFD Delicates - Kinder cream with crisps is:

- Delicious nut-milk cream,
- with real hazelnuts,
- no added trans fats,
- with light and delicate rice crisps.
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