Intenson Green Ground Coffee 250g

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Roheline kohv on toores, röstimata kohviubadest. Röstimata roheline kohv maitseb pehmemalt, happelisemalt, meenutades aurutatud rohelise tee maitset. Kofeiini sisaldus aga ei muutu. Roheline kohv sisaldab klorogeenhapet (umbes 8 g 100 g tootes).
-Aitab tõsta kalori põletamist.
-Sisaldab antioksüdante
-100% naturaalne
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Green coffee is raw, non-smokeable coffee beans. Unsmoked, green coffee tastes softer, more acidic, reminiscent of the taste of steamed green tea. However, the caffeine content does not change. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid (ok. 8 g in 100g product).


Method of use1-2 spoons of ground green coffee should be poured into the cup. Pour hot water (preferably at a rate. 90C). After five minutes, the napar is ready for consumption.

Nutrient value in 100g product

Energy value

1577 kJ/477 kcal

Fat, including:

-saturated fatty acids

12 g

5,5 g


-including sugar

45 g

8,9 g


14 g


<0,01 g


Components: 100% ground green coffee

Best to consume before: Batch number/ Date of use/ Country of origin on the packaging

Store in a dry place in a sealed package.


Net mass 250 g

weight 0.25