Intenson Acai powder 100g (12.09.22)

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aitab diabeetikutel veresuhkrutaset kontrolli all hoida;
parandab seksuaalfunktsioone;
leevendab peavalu;
parandab unetsüklit;
parandab nägemist;
võitleb artriidiga;
vähendab menopausi sümptomite mõju;
parandab mälu;
kiirendab vigastusjärgset paranemist;
väljutab organismist mürkaineid.
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Acai Berry Extract 4: 1 100g

Acai berries tfor unique fruit growing only in the Amazon rainforest. Perfect for physically active people who like a healthy lifestyle. The 4: 1 extract or 1kg of extract was made from 4 kg of berries.

Nutritional value in 100 g of product

Energy value / Energy

1471 kJ / 348 kcal

Fat, including: / Fat of which:

-Saturated fatty acids/ Saturates

0.3 g

0.1 g

Carbohydrates, including: / Carbohydrate, of which:

-cukry / sugars

74 g


17 g

fiber / Fiber

14 g

Protein/ protein

4.3 g

Salt/ Salt

0.8 g


8.26 mg (59% *)


Usage: Can be used as an addition to cocktails, desserts or dissolved in water.

Ingredients: 80% Acai berry extract, 20% maltodextrin

Store in tightly closed container.

Net weight 100g

weight 0.1