GAVELO Seamless Ribbed Sand Melange Leggings

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Ülimugav pehme ja veniv materjal
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Gavelo Seamless Ribbed Sand Melange Leggings  High ribbed waist with tummy control. Amazingly comfortable while emphasizing your figure in the best way!  The model is approximately 170 cm tall and is wearing a size S. A tip from the pros! Put your seamless tights on like a pair of nylons. Start by "rolling" the leggings and lifting them past the foot.  Then, gradually pull the leggings up in a series of gentle movements over the calves, knees and thighs. The fabric may be sensitive to sharp objects, like Velcro or a rough barbell. Choose your usual size.

Normal fit.

Put on your seamless tights as you put on a pair of tights. Start by "rolling" the tights and lifting them past the foot. After that, you can gradually pull the tights upwards in a series of soft movements over the wrist, knees and thighs.

Match with Ribbed Sand Melange tank!

Wash with similar colors in max. 40 degrees. Preferably in a separate laundry bag to make sure that the tights do not get caught in objects such as zippers etc.

Do not use fabric softener.
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