3x Body Attack YamBam proteiinipalkki 80g

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 YAMBAM Bar - 80g
For a protein bar taste explosion
  •     33 % protein per bar
  •     Low in sugar
  •     Sensational taste
Forget every other protein bar you´ve tried so far! And get your mouth ready for YAMBAM! The sensational sports snack from Body Attack with delicious peanuts not only contains unique ingredients, it delivers a full-on explosion of taste.

Choose between Chunky Chocolate, Peanut Butter Caramel, Strawberry Peanut Vanilla and Cookie `N Chocolate and get ready for the protein bar amongst protein bars: YAMBAM! You´ll never want anything else again!

1. Product highlights
  •     33 % protein per bar
  •     Contains only 4 g sugar per bar
  •     With delicious peanuts
  •     Covered in milk chocolate
  •     Contains high-quality whey protein
  •     Delicious different flavours
  •     Unique taste
  •     Ideal for on the go
  •     Made in Germany

2. Selected ingredients made in Germany

But if you think YAMBAM is just about the taste then you are in for a surprise. The high-quality ingredients in this German-made protein bar transform it into a truly must-have item.

Each 80 g bar contains around 26 g protein from high-quality whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate. This corresponds to a protein content of 33 %. And yet, this delicious chocolate-covered, peanut-filled sports snack contains just 4 g sugar per bar.

3. The ideal snack for all athletes and figure-conscious people

Whether strength, performance or stamina training, YAMBAM is suitable for all athletes looking for a healthy snack to help promote and maintain muscle build-up. The delicious protein bar is also a particularly great way to reward yourself, after a hard workout, for example. Not only are you getting something that tastes good, you are also providing your body with a quick way of taking in high quality protein.

But even as a snack between meals when you are craving something sweet, YAMBAM makes a much healthier alternative to conventional chocolate bars filled with loads of sugar. It is also ideal to eat as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

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