USN Select Cookie 60g

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20g Protein
Low Sugar
Guilt Free
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* Vali maitse (batoonid, snäkid)

Trying to get leaner and stronger but still have a sweet tooth? Fear not; now you can have your cookies and eat them too!

Leading sport nutrition experts USN, have developed a high protein cookie with reduced sugar. With a delicious salted caramel flavour you'll feel as though it's cheat day!
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 60g per cookie
  • 15g protein per cookie
  • 239 calories per cookie

Soft and moist protein cake without sweeteners, with reduced sugar content, provides 14g of protein at 220kcal and surprises with an exceptionally intense, natural flavor which is a remarkable combination of biscuit with a distinct taste of salty caramel broken with dark chocolate droplets.

Ingredients (Salted Caramel)milk proteins, brown sugar, wheat flour, vegetable glycerin moisture regulator, dark chocolate drops (9%) {cocoa liquor, sugar, soy lecithin emulsifier, aroma}, olive oil, glutamine peptide (wheat), coconut oil, water, chicory root inulin, cocoa, bulking agents {sodium bicarbonate, potassium acid tartrate}, aroma, salt.
Allergens: contains milk, soy, wheat; may contain nuts, including peanuts.

Nutritional values ​​in 1 cake (60g- Salted Caramel): energy value 1000kJ / 239kcal, fats 8.8g (including saturated fatty acids 4g), 24g carbohydrates (including sugars 12g), 15g protein, 2.1g fiber, 0.66g salt.
Nutritional values ​​in 100g: energy value 1667kJ / 399kcal, fats 15g (including saturated fatty acids 6.9g), carbohydrates 40g (including sugars 20g), protein 25g, fiber 3.5g, salt 1.1g
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