KFD Fast lunch - Chicken with pasta in sauce with paprika and tomatoes - 410 g

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KFD Fast lunch is a tasty, ready meal. 410 g of a filling meal based on high-quality unprocessed ingredients, such as fresh meat, pasta made of durum wheat, or pelati tomatoes. Juicy pieces of chicken with noodles, peppers, and onions, served in paprika-tomato sauce.

An appetizing combination of the highest quality poultry meat and carefully selected vegetables is an excellent alternative to a home dinner. The addition of ginger and soy sauce gives the dish an oriental character. A quick lunch will be great not only at home, but also at work and away. The portion contains 74.1 g of carbohydrates, over 26 g of protein, and 15.6 g of fat, but it should be noted that these are mainly unsaturated fatty acids, because only 1.7 g is saturated in the entire 410 g portion.

KFD Fast lunch chicken with noodles in paprika and tomatoes sauce is:

- a solid portion of a filling, delicious dish,

- a refined recipe, based on high-class ingredients,

- good proportion of macronutrients, suitable for a "balanced diet".


Nett weight: 410 g

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