GAVELO Los Angeles Compression Leggings

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These leggings are inspired by the tropical concrete jungle Los Angeles. The pattern resembles cracked concrete or an old wrinkled up magazine, swirling in a shady back alley. You will find the name of the model in several places in the pattern, that goes in the colors black, gray and white. Made of high quality fabric that holds the shape. Mens leggings with good compression and 360 degrees stretch for the best effect. Fast drying fabric, that keeps you dry. Works great both for running and the gym. Gavelo Compression Pants are a first choice of top athletes and world champions around the globe. For good reasons.

The model is about 185 cm and wears size M.
Wash at 40°C
Ideally, in a separate laundry bag to be sure that your tights don’t get stuck in sharp objects like zippers.
Do not use fabric softener.
weight 0.2