KFD CHOCOLATE sauce XXL 800ml (17.11.21)

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Chocolate flavour sauce
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KFD Premium chocolate sauce is a delicious sauce whose recipe is based on ingredients that allow you to get the maximum chocolate taste with the lowest calorie content. Thick and velvety chocolate sauce, which is suitable as an addition to pancakes, pastries and ice cream. It can be an ingredient in protein shakes, fruit salads and also perfectly improves the taste of cottage cheese and porridge.

The first-class chocolate-flavored sauce is:

- thick and velvety sauce,
- A unique taste recipe
- only 1 kcal per portion of product and 27 kcal per 100 g,
- product without contradictory thickeners.

Note that zero-calorie sauces or low-calorie products are not a substitute for a 100% sugar or fat flavor. Flavorings are fats and sugars and are almost non-existent in this type of product. This sauce is not melted chocolate.

Storage conditions: temperature: +2 to + 8 ° C. After opening, store in a refrigerator. Not more than 10 days.

Note: we send sauces with a shelf life of 2 to several weeks. This is worth considering when making a purchase. (preferably about 10 days after opening).

Use: Shake before use. Use 5 g of product to add to desserts and drinks. Use according to individual needs, eating immediately after preparation.

NOTE - The composition varies depending on the taste.
It is a fresh product (as is yoghurt, for example) and therefore has a short shelf life after opening.

Ingredients: water, modified starch, reduced fat cocoa, thickener (cellulose gel, cellulose gum, xanthan gum), flavors, colors (E 150c, E 150d), acidity regulator (lactic acid, glucone delta lactone), salt, sweeteners (stevidol) preservative (potassium sorbate). Allergens (bold): May contain: celery, egg, soy, milk, mustard.
Storage: Store in a refrigerator. Shake well before use. Use within 10 days of opening.

Nutritional value (1 serving per 5g): Energy 1 kcal / 6 KJ, Fat <0.5g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1g, Carbohydrates <0.5g, of which sugar 0g, Protein <0.5g, Salt <0, 01g.
Best before packaging.

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