Intenson Maltitol 250g

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Tervislik alternatiiv valgele suhkrule
100% naturaalne magusaine
-Glükeemiline indeks vaid 8
-sobib diabeetikutele
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Maltitol based sweetener

Maltitol is an excellent sugar substitute with reduced calories. The taste and sweetness is similar to cane sugar. Does not change its properties during heat treatment. It is classified as sugar alcohols called polyols, just like xylitol. Obtained from plants. It is a natural ingredient and does not contain artificial additives.

Directions: Use as cane sugar. Increased intake may have a laxative effect.

Nutritional facts per 100 g of product

Energy value / Energy

240 kcal / 1005 kJ

Tłuszcz / Fat


Węglowodany, including: / Carbohydrate, of which:

- starch / starch

- sugars / sugars

- polyhydric alcohols / polyols

98 g




98 g

Protein / Protein


Sól / Salt


Ingredients: 100% maltitol

Country of origin: France

Best before: Expiry date and batch number printed on the packaging.

Store in the original, tightly closed container in a dry and shady place.
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