Intenson Bio Coconut Oil Extra Virgin 500ml

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Külmpressitud õli /extra virgin
Rafineerimata orgaanilise kookosõli lõhn on meeldiv. Kookosõli püsib tahkel kujul umbes 25 ° C temperatuurini ja vedelal kujul sellest temperatuurist kõrgemal. Füüsiline seisund ei mõjuta toote maitset ja kvaliteeti.
Koostis: 100% naturaalne mahe kookosõli.
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic unrefined coconut oil has a pleasant nutty smell. Coconut oil is present in a solid form at a temperature of about 25°C, and in liquid form above this temperature. State of matter does not affect the taste and quality of the product.

How to use: For spreading bread instead of butter, for frying and baking, as an addition to dishes, it can also be added to dressings and salad sauces and to fruit cocktails.

Ingredients: 100% Organic coconut oil virgin


Cold pressed (Unrefined)

Organic Coconut Oils  refined  has a pleasant coconut smell. Coconut oil is present in solid form to a temperature of about 25 ° C, and in liquid form above this temperature. Physical state does not affect the taste and quality of the product.

  • Our oil comes from plantations where the harvest is carried out in a traditional way.
  • It is not used in the collection of monkeys and they do not suffer from this.
  • Pressed immediately after harvest in sterile and modern factories in the Philippines or Sri Lanka. Certified by BRC and IFS.
  • We constantly monitor oil parameters to avoid falsification and eliminate poor quality.
  • Bottled with the utmost care in our factory while maintaining IFS quality procedures
  • We use local suppliers in

Ingredients: 100% BIO virgin coconut oil


for baking and cooking. An ideal replacement for animal fats such as butter.



"Virgin" is a word that has positive connotations in the context of oils, but the choice of this bio will be much more valuable for our health. And the difference is not in the details! Read why bio oil is better than virgin without this prefix.

Taste, but above all quality!

One of the biggest differences between bio oil and ordinary virgin oil is the source of its pressing. Bio oil is directly squeezed from completely fresh coconut. Such coconut is the healthiest because it contains many vitamins and trace elements. It is worth remembering that the fresher the coconut, the stronger its properties. A large part of virgin oils (not bio) is squeezed out of the chips, which not only changes the taste (the oil is "bland", reminiscent of the taste of suds, not coconut), but above all significantly affects its quality. Oil without bio certification most often comes from old coconuts, which are dried and preserved so that they can reach Europe. As a result, oxidized oil is obtained, which contains preservatives and impurities accumulated during transport.

Origin matters!

It is not only the fact from which part of the coconut our oil is obtained that matters. It is worth looking at the country of origin on the label of our oil to be aware and not contribute to, for example, deforestation of tropical forests. The best choice will be a country where coconuts are an integral part of the environment from sustainable plantations, i.e. those in the Philippines that enjoy the highest quality. Of course, those with a bio certificate and others that guarantee quality, e.g. factories with an IFS certificate. The coconut drying method is also important. The traditional ones are the best in this matter, because the sun-dried coconuts compared to those dried on the fire are completely safe and do not contain tar-related impurities, e.g. PAHs.

The next time you buy coconut oil, keep the above information in mind and remember that it's often the details that determine whether our choice will be healthy and valuable for our body.


Nutritional value in 100 g of product

Energy value

3430 kJ / 819 kcal

Fat, including:

- Saturated fatty acids

93 g

87 g


- including sugars

0 g

0 g


0 g


0 g


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Store at room temperature, dry and dark place in tightly closed container. After opening, refrigerate and use within 3 months.

Net volume 500 ml

weight 0.5