Gavelo Eclipse Red Crop Top

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Eclipse Tawny port red Crop Top.
Even in the dark, everything is still there, every little detail. You just have to try a little harder to see.
It´s just like with your training, sometimes You have to give that little extra... When you do, when You see, it’s totally worth it!

The design are awsome and why not be extra neat- and wear it together with the Eclipse leggings and sports bra.
Short model with open back.

Eclipse crop top is made of a quality fabric that breathes and is soft and comfortable against the body.

The size is normal.

Washing: Wash with similar colors in max 40 degrees C° (104° Fahrenheit)
Preferably in separate laundry bag to make sure that the crop top doesn’t get caught in sharp items such as zippers.

Do not use fabric softener.