HEJ Natural CRISPY protein bar 45g

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- 14 g valku ühes batoonis
- ainult 1,9-2g suhkrut
- magustatud steviaga
- vaid 160 kalorit
* Vali maitse (batoonid, snäkid)

Full Chocolate Flavor. No Regrets.

No matter where and when you want your chocolate – the HEJ Crispy Protein Bar will always satisfy your cravings!
- At home, office & school
- Workout 
- To go


Compromise? Not with HEJ!

  • High Protein & Low Sugar
  • Premium Milk Protein
  • Incredibly Delicious Flavors
  • Natural Flavors
  • Stevia sweetened

Cookie dough in the form of a bar

Your new favorite dessert tastes just as good as fresh cookie dough - but without the guilt! A fluffy milk protein center covered in smooth melting milk chocolate and an irresistible cookie flavor.

A white dream

White chocolate with real strawberries - this absolute favorite combination is now available in a delicious crispy version. Hard to believe a healthy snack can be so yummy!

Frequently asked questions


  • What are sugar alcohols and are they safe to consume? Sugar alcohols belong the group of carbohydrates and do not have anything to do with drinking alcohol. They have less calories and a smaller effect on blood sugar levels than regular sugars. This makes them a perfect ingredient for this bar.
  • What makes the HEJ Cripsy special? The HEJ Crispy is the result of two years of intense research to create the perfect protein bar. The result is a chocolate bar with excellent nutritional values. Also, it is the first chocolate protein bar without cheap collagen protein, palm oil, added sugars, artificial flavors or artificial colors. A must-have for your taste buds. 


  • Contains milk and soy
  • May contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts and nuts.


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