Gavelo BeautiFly tank black

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Gavelo BeautiFly Tank top
You are beautiful. Like the butterfly, women exist in an endless number of colors, sizes and patterns.
Light, airy, beautiful, BeautiFly.

Made with 100% eco cotton, whit a feminine lose fit.
Grey tank top with black Gavelo logo on the left side. Open back whit black ribbon.
Normal size wise.

Caring a little extra about your Gavelo clothing will not only make them last longer, you will also help minimizing the negative effect on planet earth.

Washing instructions eco cotton

Note! Will shrink somewhat when being washed. Please make sure to stretch your eco cotton garment after washing it. Stretching eco cotton is also neccessary for it to keep its shape. Tumble drying will shrink the garment more than if you leave it to air-dry.