PEAK valgubatoon 50g

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* Vali maitse (batoonid, snäkid)

The high protein content of 50% makes it an ideal way for a tasty and quick replenishment of shortage of protein in your diet! Refined flavors and the unique structure of the candy bar will certainly appeal to you!


Peak Protein Bar 50 is the energy Baton protein from a combination of excellent taste and finest ingredients - just look at the composition of the table to be convinced of this. If you been days when tired Cie desire to reach for the sweets / candy bars - bet just for the bar, which is not only your needs but also the organoleptic will complete your diet with valuable proteins.

PEAK PROTEIN BAR 50 - SECURITIES variety to any monotonous DIET!


    Day Training:
    1-3 bars a day, depending on demand
    Non-training day:
    1-3 bars a day, depending on demand


- väga proteiini rikas

- suurepärane maitse

Ingredients: A mixture of 28.5% protein ( milk proteins, whey proteins, soy proteins) hydrolyzed collagen, glycerin, coating of milk chocolate (maltitol, cocoa butter, full milk powder < / b>, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin , flavor), water, soy crispies 2.5% (soy isolate, tapioca (starch), cocoa powder) oil, palm oil, flavor, sodium chloride, sweetener sucralose.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:     Protein Bar 50%        
Serving Size:     50g        
Servings Per Container:     1         
Packing:     50g        
Contents:     Per Serving:     incl:     % RWS *
    Energy value     711kJ / 170kcal     8.5%
    Protein     25g     50%
    Carbohydrates     14g     5.2
    Including sugars     1g     1.1%
    Fats     4,35g     6.2%
    Including saturated fats     2.5g     12.5%
    Fiber     0.2 g     0.8%
    Salt     0.29 g     4.8%