Pr-Ou egg white spread FINE HERBS 80g

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NB! Toodet säilitada temperatuuril +2- +4'C.
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PrOU spreads are protein creams made with egg white, without milk (lactose free) and gluten (gluten free). No sugar added, just protein and delightment.

Fine herbs is a tasty mix of species.

PrOU fine herbs spreadable is a protein-rich cream which main ingredient is egg white and provides you:

– 18% protein per serving
– Only 77 kcal per serving
– 0% sugars and 0% fat
– Lactose free and gluten free
– Rich in BCAA’s and Glutamine

Product suitable for all types of diets due to its low contribution in fats and sugars. Ideal as a healthy salty snack to spread on bread or to make any type of healthy recipe rich in protein!

Ingredients: egg white 90%, flavouring (varied species), antioxidant (citric acid), preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate) and salt. It does not contain any milk, lactose, added sugars or gluten.

1 spread contains 14,5g of egg white protein, 0g sugar, 0g fat and just 61,6Kcal. It is naturally rich in BCAA’s (3g) and glutamine (2g).
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