KFD Pychotek hazelnut-chocolate dip with protein 250g (Best before 21.02.21)

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Pychotek = Hõrk = Delicious
KFD Pychotek nut-chocolate sauce is perfect for rice cakes, omelettes, pancakes and all kinds of desserts. The advantage of the product is its unique composition, unlike analogous products containing rich sugar and palm oil. The main component of Pychotka is blanched hazelnuts (up to 73%!), And the role of sweetener is natural. Adding whey protein makes it easier for the chocolate dip sauce to fit into the "everyday macros".
KFD Dip Pychotka nut-chocolate chocolates do not contain trans fats, preservatives or sweetener additives. It consists of natural cocoa and has a velvety taste.


- up to 73% of hazelnuts
- more than 30% protein content
- Unique velvety consistency
- contains no unnecessary additives and fillers

Application: Shake before use. Use 5 g of product to add desserts and drinks. Use according to individual needs, eating immediately after preparation.

Storage conditions: Keep in a dry and cool place away from direct light.

Ingredients: Blanched roasted hazelnuts (73%), whey protein concentrate (milk) (20%), honey of different flowers, cocoa. The product may also contain residues of other nuts and sesame seeds.

Best before see the package. Made in the EU. Distributor EstFit OÜ.
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