Intenson Yerba Mate Energy - Guarana & Ginseng 150g

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Yerba mate tee on traditsiooniline jook, millega võib asendada kohvi.
Jahvatatud guaraana on kofeiini sisalduse tõttu põnev. Guaraana ja ženšenni kombinatsioon annab õrna maitse ja tugeva annuse energiat.
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Yerba mate - Energy - Guarana & Ginseng 150g


Yerba mate is a traditional South American drink, which could be substitute for coffee. Guarana powder has stimulant properties due to the caffeine content. The combination of guarana and ginseng gives the infusion with the delicate flavour and strong dose of Energy.

How to use: The traditional way to prepare is to drink yerba mate with bombilla (drinking pipe) and a special vessel (matero). Prepare water with a temperature of approx. 75°C - you can do so by using a kitchen thermometer. You can sweeten it with sugar, honey or concentrated juice. Pour dried yerba mate from ⅓ to ¾ of the volume of the vessel. For beginners we recommend pour a smaller amount of yerba mate to obtain a gentler flavour. Put a bombilla to yerba mate and pour the prepared water.

Ingredients: 96% yerba mate,1% guarana, 3% ginseng
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