Intenson BIO Maca powder 100g

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Maca on väärtuslik taim, millel on energeetilised ja raviomadused. Rikas vitamiinide, mineraalide, aminohapete ja küllastumata rasvhapete poolest. Maca on soovitatav kõigile, kes elavad aktiivset eluviisi, nii füüsilist kui ka vaimset, tagades kiire taastumise. Toetab aju tööd, parandab mälu ja mõjutab positiivselt meeleolu.
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Organic Maca 100g - root powder

Organic maca is a valuable plant with energetic and medical properties thanks to its high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Maca is recommended for those of you who love active lifestyle, both physical and mental, providing quick recovery. It supports brain functions, improves memory and positively affects the mood.

How to use: 3-5g per day (1 teaspoon). Mix with juice, yoghurt or other beverage. Recommended to drink before a meal.

Nutritional values per 100g of the product


1649 kJ/ 394 kcal

Fat, of which

- Saturated Fatty Acids

2 g

0 g

Carbohydrates, of which

- Sugars

71 g

32 g


7,0 g


14 g


0,05 g

Ingredients: 100% bio maca root

Store in tightly closed original container.

Net weight 100g

Best before: Lot number / Expiration date / Country of origin appear on the packaging.

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