Eclipse Black Crop Top

SKU: 236 Brand: Gavelo
* Suurus

Eclipse black Crop top
Even in the dark, everything is still there, every little detail. You just have to try a little harder to see.
It´s just like with your training, sometimes You have to give that little extra... When you do, when You see, it’s totally worth it!

Eclipse crop top is made of a quality fabric that breathes and is soft and comfortable against the body.
You will experience a perfect fit thanks to one of the best materials on the market!
Why not be extra neat- and wear it together with the Eclipse sports bra and leggings!

Washing instructions compression leggings, Sports-bras and crop tops:

Avoid washing with softener. It clogs the pores and the material loses its breathability. It can also affect the elasticity in the fabric and destroy the support function for the sports-bra. The compression function can also lose some of its strength. Turn inside out when washing. Do not tumble dry!