Body Attack protein truffles 80g

SKU: 321 Brand: Body Attack
* Vali maitse (batoonid, snäkid)

Body Attack Protein Truffles are protein-enriched sweets which are suitable both for figure-conscious individuals and for athletes. These delicious pralines contain much less sugar than traditional chocolate or pralines.

Product highlights:
  •     Only 1 g of sugar per serving
  •     About 30% of Protein
  •     Low in sugar
  •     Low-carb
  •     Support the build-up of the muscles
  •     Tasty pralines
  •     High fibre Content
  •     Protein sources with high biological value
  •     Milk and whey protein concentrate

The low-sugar treat
Each 100 g of Body Attack Protein Truffles contain, according to their flavour, between 10 and 12 g of sugar. In contrast, traditional chocolates usually provide 3 to 6 times that amount of sugar. Therefore the Body Attack Chocolate Truffles are ideal as a snack in a low-sugar or a low-carb diet.

More than 30 g from valuable sources of protein

The truffles from Body Attack provide more than 30 g of protein and are accordingly ideal for a protein-assisted diet. The main protein sources are milk and whey proteins which have a high biological value and provide a good source of BCAAs and glutamine. The amino acids referred to here form an integral part of the muscle proteins.

Contribution to the build-up of muscles and the maintenance of the muscle system

First and foremost athletes, and also people who wish to maintain their muscles while dieting, benefit most from a protein-enhanced diet. For if too few food proteins are included in the diet, the body must increasingly resort to its emergency reserves such as the muscle proteins. Therefore athletes and persons whose goal is to lose weight should pay attention to a protein-enhanced and low-calorie diet.

Curb the desire for anything sweet - without a guilty conscience

The Body Attack Truffles are ideal for this objective, as cravings for sweet things often creep over you while dieting. With the Body Attack Truffles these can be curbed without a guilty conscience, and they can even meet the increased need for dietary proteins. In particular those people who hardly eat any dairy products, nuts and meat can also rely on the Body Attack Truffles as a change from a protein shake.