Body Attack Protein Donut 60g

SKU: 442 Brand: Body Attack
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The Body Attack protein donut tastes fantastic and not only comes with considerably less fat than traditional donuts but also with fewer calories. Normally, this classic American treat is fried in generous amounts of fat. This is why 100 g of traditional donut generally contains 25 g of fat; whereby the Body Attack protein donut only has 15 g of fat. This makes a difference of 90 kcal in total, making the protein donut a good alternative for a healthy, low-fat diet.

For whom is the Body Attack protein donut recommended?

  • For all those who want to indulge in sweet treats without guilt
  • For vegetarians attempting to reduce their fat and sugar intake
  • For those with a sweet tooth who are looking for a low-sugar and low-fat alternative
  • For overweight people who want to reduce their sugar and fat intake in order to lose more weight in a low-calorie diet
  • For people and athletes who want to cut down on sugar and fat in the pre-competition phase or when dieting
  • For professional and amateur athletes who enjoy a sweet snack and are looking for an alternative to protein shakes and protein bars