Body Attack protein cookies 75g

SKU: 417 Brand: Body Attack
* Vali maitse (batoonid, snäkid)

  •     40 g of protein
  •     More than 5g of BCAA
  •     Low sugar
  •     cookie
The Body Attack Protein Cookie has a soft texture, tastes fantastic and will put an end to your sugar cravings in an instant. A single cookie (75g) supplies your body with an incredible 40 g of Protein, which is nearly twice as much protein as you get from a protein shake. In addition, the cookie comes with over 5 g of BCAA, i.e. the amino acids highly popular among strength and endurance athletes.

A further special feature are the cookie´s protein sources such as milk proteins and enzymatically hydrolysed whey protein Isolate. Among proteins, they belong to those with the highest biological value. This combination of high-quality proteins enables the supply of valuable BCAA in your daily diet.

1. The perfect protein alternative to protein shakes

The Body Attack Protein Cookie is therefore ideal for muscle maintenance and development within the scope of a protein-rich diet. But also vegetarians or those who eat no or hardly any meat can fall back on the protein-rich Body Attack Protein Cookie as a nutritional substitute.

2. Product Highlights
  •     40 g protein per cookie
  •     Supplies the body with beneficial milk Protein
  •     Contains whey protein isolate (Optipep)
  •     Only approx. 1g sugar
  •     Over 5g BCAA
  •     Contains high-quality oatmeal
  •     Great taste

This makes the Body Attack Protein Cookie an excellent alternative not only to meat but also to protein shakes, i.e. you can now also treat yourself to a yummy Body Attack Protein Cookie after workout. And all those, who normally enjoy a protein bar after workout or as a snack in between, will welcome the Body Attack Protein Cookie as a new taste sensation - because the Body Attack Protein Cookie impresses with its soft texture and delicious taste.

The Body Attack Protein Cookie is also ideal and a source of pure enjoyment for those watching their weight and who want to cut down on sugar when preparing and shopping for food. Depending on the variety, the Body Attack Protein Cookie contains only between 1g to 1.8 g of sugar. Also, a protein cookie has only 0.98g of milk sugar (lactose).